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These instructions are for providing BankBound the account access necessary to help manage and execute SEO, PPC, and tracking/reporting efforts. Follow the instructions for the platforms relevant to your financial brand’s engagement with BankBound. Please contact your dedicated digital marketing strategist if you have questions.


Google Ads

  1. Provide your BankBound account manager your 10-digit Google Ads ID#, which is located at the top right-hand corner of your browser when logged into Google Ads. We will then request management access, which you should accept.
  2. Add BankBound as a manager account: In the Tools & Settings menu, click Access & Security. In the Security tab, add “” as an Allowed Domain.
  3. Add your BankBound strategist as a user: In the Tools & Settings menu, click Access & Security. In the Users tab, add your BankBound strategist’s email address.

Google Analytics

Sign into your account, then click Admin cog/gear at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Then, click Account Access Management or Property Access Management, whichever you decide. Then, add as an Admin user.

Google Tag Manager

Please add as a new user with Container Permissions to “View, Edit, Delete, and Publish.”

Google Search Console

Sign into your account, then click the gear icon at the top of your screen, then go to Users & Property Owners. Add a New User, enter, and then select Full Access.

Google Business Profile

Sign into Google Business Profile and click the blue button in the top right for Create Location Group.

Select the blue gear icon next to your location group name and choose Manage Users.

Click the add user icon and enter our organization ID: 5271164235. You will need to grant us “owner” access, but not “primary owner.” NOTE: Do not enter into the field.

Apple Maps

Login to with a valid Apple ID. Follow the on-screen prompts for how to set up your business/organization identity. You will be able to add additional users, including BankBound, after your account is verified. In Apple Business Connect, choose to set up a Small Business account if you have 24 or fewer locations. Choose an Enterprise account if you have 25 or more locations.

For Small Business accounts: Share access with BankBound after your company account has been set up and verified. Do this by clicking Team in the left-side menu. Add the following three people as Admins: Brian Reilly (; Tim Davis (; and your dedicated BankBound account manager.

**Note: For Enterprise Accounts, Click Company, then clicks Share. Add BankBound by inputting our company ID: 1448047338525116416.

Facebook Ads

Login to Select (click) Settings, then scroll down  to and select Business Settings. Select Partners from the Users section, found in the left-hand column.

Select the blue Add button and select Give a Partner Access to Your Assets.

In the subsequent prompt, input 390677007938103 (BankBound’s business ID) into the field labeled Partner Business ID.

Then select all applicable options regarding access to your Facebook/Meta ads account. BankBound management will then assign your account assets to your designated account manager.

List of areas to give BankBound access.


Bing Ads

  1. Login to your Microsoft Advertising account and look for your Account number.
  2. Click on Tools. Then Preferences.
  3. Click on Account Settings. Your Account Number is just below the Account ID.
  4. Provide the Account Number to your account manager for linking.
  5. After you send us your Bing Account Number, we’ll send a link request from our Bing Agency Account. You can then accept that request using the instructions below:

Accept an BankBound/agency request:

  1. Login to your Microsoft Advertising account.
  2. On your Overview page, click Accounts summary.
  3. In the Accounts summary, click Requests tab.
  4. Under Received, select the BankBound request. Then, click Accept request or Decline request.

LinkedIn Ads

First, login to In the From Account Settings, navigate to the Manage Access page. From there, add your BankBound account manager; Brian Reilly; and Tim Davis, MBA with Account Manger-level access.

Next, from your company page, click on Admin Tools to find the Manage Admins functionality. Add your BankBound account manager; Brian Reilly; and Tim Davis, MBA with Super Admin-level access.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Sign into your account, select “Configure My Site” from the left sidebar dropdown once you’ve selected your site, click “Users,” add, and select the Role of “Administrator.”