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Is Your Bank Website a Comprehensive Financial Resource, or Just a Brochure?

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35% of consumers want financial companies to offer tips on how to manage money during this tumultuous time of COVID-19 and economic struggles, according to a recent study.

Is your financial institution meeting this need for your customers?

If your website only features the products and services you offer, with no blog to help customers and prospects find answers to their questions, the answer is no.

To prove this theory, let’s compare search volumes for basic bank products like checking accounts vs. questions about personal finance, business, and investing. Then we’ll offer suggestions for what to add.

Examples of what people are searching for regarding their finances:

  • Money Management Topic had an increase of 250% from the last 12 months.
  • Money management books + 140% (search volume of 1,000)
  • Money management for kids +140% (search volume 325)
  • Money management app +140% ( 6,600) ( best money management software volume of 300)
  • Best way to manage retirement money (search volume of 90)
  • Topic Bank Account + 130% (27,000) (online banking account 22,000)
  • Financial Risk Management + 70% (1,600)
  • Money management worksheet +110% (volume 590)
  • Free Money management software + 90% (search volume 210)
  • How to manage finances in a marriage (110)
  • How to manage your money (search volume 1,900)
  • How to manage your money better (volume 170)
  • How to budget (volume 9,900)
  • How to create a budget (volume 4,400)
  • How to make a monthly budget (volume 1,300)
  • How to finance a business (volume210)
  • How to apply for financial aid (1,900)
  • How to invest money (22,200)
  • How to start investing (8,100)
  • Where to invest money (4,400)
  • How to invest in stocks (49,500)

White Papers and Ultimate Guides

A white paper is an authoritative and informative text that is usually longer than a blog post but shorter than an ebook. Banks and credit unions can use white papers as a marketing tool to provide answers to the questions their customers are researching. White papers can also be used to highlight certain products and/or services and to collect consumers’ email addresses. You have probably seen this yourself: a website popup offering a free white paper or ebook and the only catch is that you need to enter your email address to download it.

If you already have a blog on your website, look for ultimate guide-style articles that could be expanded and turned into downloadable white papers. This could help you grow your email list organically and keep your customers and prospects engaged with your brand.

Here are some ideas for white papers and ultimate guides:

  • Money Management: Can focus on specific aspects of money management, from personal finance basics to estate planning. Add quotes from your institution’s wealth management team and personal bankers to demonstrate their expertise on matters of investing, saving, and more.
  • Budgeting Tips and Template: Although budgeting may not be the most exciting topic, it’s something many people struggle with. Take a conversational and friendly approach to budgeting tips, combined with suggestions for spreadsheet templates and apps to use for budgeting. You can easily create a free downloadable budget template in Excel. Some banks even include budgeting tools as part of their online banking services.
  • Stage-of-Life Frameworks: Instead of giving one-size-fits-all advice, distinguish personal finance guides by the stage of life they apply to, such as this Financial Guide for New Parents in Bucks County.
  • Retirement Savings Guide: Compare IRAs, 401(k) accounts, annuities, and FAQs for each including requirements, age restrictions, tax benefits, and withdrawal options.
  • Digital Banking Guide: Stay-at-home orders and temporary branch closures due to Coronavirus have increased customer adoption of online and mobile banking. Help your non-tech savvy customers get oriented with online banking. For example, Armstrong Bank recently published a guide to Getting Started with Online and Mobile Banking.
Let’s make sense of your bank’s approach to digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategy Guide For Local Banks

Once you publish blog articles on these topics, you can turn them into printed white papers to mail to your customers. Consider creating shortened versions of any of the above guides and mailing out while customers are home. Mail marketing strategies provide a nice complement to your digital marketing efforts.

Link Roundups For Community Services

At BankBound, we work with community banks and credit unions across the country. We’ve found that local financial institutions are uniquely positioned to connect their customers with state, local, and federal resources beyond the bank’s products and services. Here are some ideas for your own “Resources” page:

Unemployment Resources: With millions of people out of work during the pandemic, you could provide links and information for state unemployment programs as well as the extra unemployment compensation allocated by the CARES Act.

Free Financial Workshops: Whether for basic personal finance, estate planning, taxes, and more, you can help your customers find local workshops. Better yet—offer these events yourself!

Tax Guides: Help individuals and businesses understand the changes to the tax code from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Business Grants: What grants are available at the state and national level for new entrepreneurs?

Social Security and Medicare: Help the soon-to-be retirees in your community with links to the Social Security Administration’s benefit estimator, Medicare enrollment, and other pertinent information.

FAFSA Information: For parents and college students looking for financial aid information.

Resources for Farmers: Examples include Resources for Farmers, Small and Mid-size Farmer Resources, and localized articles such as 10 Helpful Resources for Farmers.

7 Examples of Excellent Bank Website Resources

We’ll leave you with these real-world examples for inspiration:

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