Curious about the performance of your online ad campaigns or how your website stacks up to competitors?

Get a Digital Marketing Analysis of your Financial Institution

BankBound can provide a comprehensive analysis of your financial institution’s website, presence on other websites, and online advertising campaigns. We’ll share every issue and concern identified along with suggested remedies, both in detail and also summarized by priority level.


On-Site Analysis

A detailed review of the accessibility and technical optimization of your website from a search engine optimization perspective along with insights on website design, user experience, and content optimization.

Off-Site Analysis

A detailed review of how your bank is being represented across other websites, including social media, business directories, maps, and review sites.

Competitive Analysis

A head to head comparison of how your website performs in search engines against local competitors.

Pay Per Click Advertising Account Analysis

A detailed review of everything within your advertising account from campaign settings to ad extensions. We’ll also dig into the actual data generated from your campaigns to identify new opportunities and wasted ad spend.

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