Multi-Channel Marketing For Banks

Make your traditional marketing campaigns more effective and measurable by integrating these digital tactics.

Integrated Marketing Solutions We Offer:


Marketing Analytics

Your community bank or credit union may already be utilizing billboards, tv, radio, and direct mail advertising to reach new prospects, but are you measuring the true value of those channels? Website analytics allow your team to understand what’s working, what’s not, and where to invest future marketing dollars.


Using personalized URLs (PURLs) helps push direct mail recipients to a unique landing page on your website for your offer. With PURLs we can see who has visited a landing page and who hasn’t. Based on the recipient’s response we can then trigger appropriate follow up emails and launch online advertisements to further communicate. PURLs are a fantastic way to measure the impact of a direct mail campaign and bring another dimension of analytics and follow up useful for both prospects and existing client communications.

Vanity URLs

Billboards, radio spots, and television can potentially reach a lot of people at once, but accurately measuring the impact of these channels is nearly impossible. Using vanity URLs can generate insights into how well these channels are performing. By using a URL that’s easy to remember like [yourbankdomain].com/HELOC we can measure how many people actually visited the vanity URL and what actions they took thereafter. The /HELOC URL can be a unique landing page or simply redirect visitors to another page on the site; we’ll be able to track these visitors either way

Landing Pages

Don’t just direct visitors to your website homepage, get them to a relevant landing page that is designed to convert them into customers! Landing pages can be built for any campaign and provide an additional layer of analytics and lead attribution.

Call Tracking Phone Numbers

Use a different phone number for each of your traditional marketing campaigns to track how many calls come in. These phone numbers simply forward any calls to your main phone number, but in the process capture information about the location of your callers and their call duration. Oftentimes, prospects are much more likely to pick up the phone rather than submit information through a website form, so using call tracking numbers can clarify the true impact of your marketing campaign.

Financial Statement Marketing

Financial statements and notices that are mailed or emailed monthly are not often ignored by your customers. Take advantage of these valuable communication channels to deliver targeted offers and updates with a redesigned print statement and/or estatement.


IP Geotargeting

Deliver digital ads based on a physical address or geofence. IP targeting allows for targeting of advanced audience segments either as a stand-along campaign, or in support of a direct mail campaign to improve response rates.

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