Mobile PPC Advertising For Financial Institutions

With time spent on mobile devices far surpassing desktop computers, the mobile experience of your bank or credit union is more important than ever.

While responsive website design is important, mobile apps often provide users with a superior mobile experience. It comes as no surprise then that mobile users are increasingly spending more time within apps and less time browsing websites. Increasing adoption and usage of your bank’s mobile app should be a major focus of your marketing strategy.

How Does Mobile App PPC Work?

Both iOS and Android apps can be promoted in a number of ways using pay per click ads. PPC ads can promote your bank app to users in Google Search, within the Google Display Network, on YouTube, Bing Search, Facebook, and elsewhere. Ads direct users without the app directly to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store download page for your app. For users that already have your app downloaded on their mobile device, reminder ads can target these users to boost engagement or promote new features; clicks on these ads open your app in the user’s device.

How Can Mobile App Ads Help My Bank?

Mobile App ads can increase installations and engagement. Here are a few examples of mobile app campaigns that can benefit your bank or credit union:

  • App Install ads that show in Google Search for users searching for your financial institution by name
  • App ads that show in Google Search for existing customers searching for something your app does or a company your app competes with, such as “money transfer apps”, “venmo”, “send money”.
  • Promote popular features of your mobile app to existing customers such as remote deposit, spending alerts, fraud monitoring, etc.
  • App Install ads that show to existing customers on Facebook

What If We Don’t Have An App?

Mobile pay per click ads don’t have to direct traffic to a mobile app; mobile ads are an effective means of driving qualified traffic to your website, helping mobile users find their closest branch location, generating phone call leads, promoting content, and more. Mobile pay per click ads can appear in search results, within Google Maps, or inside of mobile apps. Here are a few reasons mobile PPC is so powerful according to a recent Google study:

Want Your Bank To Be More Mobile?

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