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Google Analytics 4 Explainer

What is GA4, how is it different than the previous version of Google Analytics, how to migrate UA to GA4, and tips for proper implementation.

7 Most Common Questions Financial Marketers Ask About SEO

1. What is SEO? 2. What are the benefits of SEO for my financial institution? 3. How does SEO work? 4. How much does SEO cost? 5. How do we measure SEO success? 6. Should we wait on SEO until the website is redesigned? 7. Can't we do SEO ourselves without an agency?

How To Improve ChatGPT Output With Better Prompts

Is your bank trying to get more out of ChatGPT? Try out these best practices!

5 Reasons Why Your Bank Needs to Blog

If your bank doesn't yet have a content marketing strategy that leverages a blog, this video is for you (or perhaps even for your boss).

3 Step Mortgage Marketing Strategy

In order to generate mortgage leads for your community bank, we recommend a deliberate three-part strategy.

Bank Branch Marketing Strategies

In this video, we share 10 branch promotion strategies that will ensure your branch opening is a complete success.

Increase Bank Deposits With These 7 Strategies

In this video, we share several key tactics to help you reach the right audience and increase deposit growth

On-Site Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Off-Site Analysis

Digital Marketing Audit

Want prioritized recommendations? BankBound offers a comprehensive marketing analysis of your financial institution’s website, profiles on other websites, competitors, and online advertising campaigns.

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