Comparing Marketing Agencies?

Most marketing firms will work with banks, we won’t work with anyone else.

BankBound is the digital marketing division of PrintMail Solutions, a specialized agency launched in response to a growing need from our bank clients to become more competitive online. Our parent company has been a leader in creating innovative solutions for community banks for over 25 years and has established itself as a trusted strategic partner to over 300 local financial institutions nationwide. Leveraging this unparalleled expertise and passion for the banking industry, BankBound utilizes the most effective digital marketing strategies to help banks acquire new customers, engage existing customers, and increase the visibility of their brand online.

Here’s What Sets BankBound Apart From Other Marketing Companies:

Our Exclusive Focus On The Banking Industry

A typical digital marketing agency needs to learn and remain current with dozens of business verticals simultaneously; we don’t have that problem. Instead, we bring immediate value and shared insights that are actually relevant to your bank, because financial marketing is all we do. Our exclusive focus on banking allows us to become a true extension of the bank marketing teams we partner with.

Our Exclusive Focus On Specialized Digital Strategies 

We don’t do everything. In fact, we’re rather skeptical of marketing and advertising agencies that claim to excel in every discipline at the same time. Instead, we’re selectively focused on digital strategies that will generate the best return on your bank’s marketing investment: local search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, marketing automation, and website design. You can expect us to remain on the cutting edge of industry trends in these disciplines (which happen to change nearly every day!). Our focus on specialized digital strategies also allows us to effectively integrate with your existing marketing team and outside vendors. 

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Our Focus On Transparency

Let’s face it, internet marketing is an industry with a pretty terrible reputation. We’ve unfortunately heard many stories of marketing firms and consultants holding websites hostage, carrying out acts of vengeance for canceled services; leaving negative online reviews, earning site-wide Google penalties, filing lawsuits, and generally doing terrible work (or no work at all). So many digital agencies use aggressive/obnoxious sales tactics and overload their account managers with far too many clients. That’s not us.

We’re real people, doing real work, creating real results. We’re available, responsive, and committed to proactive transparency in everything we do. Our account strategists work exclusively with financial institutions, never work for your competitors, and manage half the accounts of a typical agency to better focus on you. In case you haven’t noticed, we take great pride in being a bank marketing agency that does everything the right way, and we always stand by our work.

Current Net Promoter Score (as of Nov 2018):

100 NPS

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