Outside of offering printable special offers you can also include a link to your branch locations page or embed a Google map on your campaign landing page to track how many people clicked for directions to a branch.

Google also now offers “Store Visit” data to advertisers who meet certain criteria. You’ll need to have multiple branch locations, spend enough in AdWords to generate significant traffic, setup each of your branch locations in Google My Business, then link your listings to your AdWords account. With Store Visits, advertisers can see how many users clicked their Google ad before walking into a branch.

Final Thoughts on Making Bank Marketing More Measurable

Local banks simply cannot afford to let their marketing budgets be guided by “gut feeling”. Rather, data should direct strategy, and real results should inform future investment. By using digital tactics, bank marketers can more easily substantiate their existence to skeptical executive teams. With proven results, you may finally get approved for that increase in marketing budget you’ve been asking for!