Pay Per Click Remarketing For Financial Institutions

Remarketing (sometimes referred to as retargeting) is a pay per click advertising method whereby ads are shown to users who have previously engaged with your brand.

Remarketing ads can be shown to users based on an uploaded email list or by targeting users who have previously visited your bank or credit union website. Popular networks where you can target users with remarketing ads include Google Search, Bing/Yahoo Search, Google Display Network, YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Many platforms such as Facebook and Google AdWords will allow you to upload customer email lists directly. Using these email lists, each network will match your provided email addresses with known user email addresses to ensure ads are triggered for those individuals. While not every email on your list is likely to be matched with a user on these networks, platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook ads can use your uploaded email lists to create “lookalike” lists of users that share similar characteristics to your uploaded contacts.

Outside of uploaded email lists, you can also create remarketing lists based on users who have previously visited your website. Each user who visits your website will receive a “cookie” in their browser that can be used to target that user with online advertisements based on their engagement with your website. There are an unlimited number of ways you can segment website visitors into remarketing lists based on variables like time spent on site, device type, pages viewed, goals completed, referral source, physical location, and more. Once the visitor engages with your site in a way that you’ve identified is worth targeting, text or image ads can be shown to that visitor after they’ve left your website to entice them back.

How Can My Bank Benefit From Remarketing Ads?

Remarketing ads typically have higher click through and conversion rates since users seeing them already have some level of familiarity with your brand. Additionally, the cost per click for remarketing ads are often lower, which translates into considerably higher return on investment.

  • Target users who have viewed informational content on your website/blog with a relevant product you offer
  • Target existing customers with ads to download your mobile app or promote eStatement adoption
  • Target existing customers on facebook to boost your company page followers
  • Target website visitors who have viewed specific products on your site with a special promotion
  • Target website visitors who have viewed information about a specific branch location with ads promoting community events taking place at that location
  • Target visitors who abandoned a contact form or online application before completion with click to call ads
  • Target offline customers from community events by using a contest entry landing page on your website or an email list
  • Target mobile app users with ads about new app features or general reminders to use the app
  • Target users who maintain a certain account balance with other relevant products

Ready For Remarketing?

With remarketing pay per click ads, your financial institution can bring qualified prospects back to your website and engage with existing customers while they’re browsing Facebook or watching YouTube videos. Remarketing is a powerful tool that your bank should absolutely take advantage of to increase new accounts and get more value from existing customers. Contact us today to learn more about how remarketing can benefit your bank!

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