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Unlocking Social Media Marketing for Banks

Most financial institutions have tapped into the power of social media to some degree, but few have managed to leverage its full potential. Social media is an ever-changing landscape that requires ongoing management to achieve results and establish your brand’s online presence. BankBound is here to help by offering a suite of social media marketing strategies to take your bank’s brand recognition and local social engagement to the next level. Moreover, social media helps your customers see your community bank or credit union as a friendly and approachable local resource rather than a faceless institution. Learn how BankBound can help you take advantage of this powerful marketing tool to expand your reach, generate leads, and engage with your audience on a local level.

Account Creation & Management

A 2019 study from ABA Bank Marketing revealed that 97 percent of banks are using Facebook to connect with their customers. So, chances are that you already have a Facebook page for your bank or credit union, but are you utilizing other social platforms to their maximum potential? An effective social media management strategy includes reaching your intended audience across multiple social channels, including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Whether your bank is new to these platforms, or you simply need assistance optimizing your existing profiles, the social media marketing strategists at BankBound have the knowledge and resources you need to create an experience that is consistent with your bank’s brand.

At BankBound, we can assist with all aspects of account creation and optimization for leading social media platforms, including:

  • Setup and initial account creation for platforms that you are not yet utilizing
  • Consolidating existing social media accounts for your FI that are not under your control
  • Creation of branded images for all of your accounts
  • Writing profile descriptions
  • Linking to your website and any other relevant webpages
  • Tracking traffic coming from each of your social accounts to better understand engagement
  • Setup in our cross-platform post scheduling tool for quick and easy distribution of content

Social Content Calendar Creation

No matter which social platforms your bank or credit union is leveraging, the key to an effective and engaging social media presence is content. Posting regularly is the key to growing your audience, building interest in your online presence, and turning that interest into leads. The challenge that many banks and credit unions face is that they often don’t have the time and resources to produce content on a regular basis. This process requires research, design, and cross-platform scheduling for every single post.

This is where BankBound can be an asset to your community bank’s social media strategy. Our team of digital marketing professionals handle the process of conceptualizing, writing and designing content for your social calendar and scheduling them to ensure that your bank never has a lull in its social posts. Our team works with you to create a series of compelling posts to engage with your local audience.

You’ll work directly with your dedicated account manager to determine your messaging consisting of a wide variety of topics:

  • Blog article and educational resource promotion
  • Announcements about closings for holidays, inclement weather, etc.
  • Promotion of local events
  • Contests and promotions from your community bank
  • Recognition of bank employees
  • Posting employment opportunities
  • Charitable giving and partnerships with local organizations
  • And much more!

Targeted Social Media Advertising

Your social media platforms are an ideal advertising platform, allowing you to market to your current customers as well as prospective leads. Running social media ads through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more can help you market your banking products and services to highly-targeted and qualified audiences, yielding a new source of leads for your deposit accounts and loan offerings.

BankBound has experience managing ads across various social media outlets for financial institutions. Whether you’re promoting mortgage loans to an engaged audience on Facebook, or advertising the benefits of your commercial deposit accounts on LinkedIn, BankBound can help you tailor your messaging to specific target audiences to achieve the results you need. Our team of marketing specialists will coordinate the design of every ad, configure local targeting parameters and schedule posts across each of your social media profiles to ensure maximum exposure.

We can ensure that your ads reach the right audience through a variety of targeting strategies:

  • Geographic targeting within your local market
  • In-market audience targeting to reach prospective clients during their buyers’ journey
  • Customized audiences based on their interests and search habits
  • Retargeting individuals who had previously visited
  • Targeting according to job title, industry and education

Professional Designs

It’s true that a picture says a thousand words. Strong visuals have become synonymous with social media, and they have never been more important to drive engagement and start a conversation. From a user perspective, images are more visually-appealing and easier to process than text alone. Coupling your messaging with a powerful image can help your message resonate with your audience, leading to greater engagement and more leads.

However, many community banking organizations don’t have the time and resources to dedicate towards creating these visual elements. From purchasing pricey stock photography to paying a professional designer to utilize advanced editing software to create sharp, branded designs in the correct dimensions for every social platform, the costs can really add up. This process is ongoing, and sometimes needs to be done ad hoc on a short deadline.

Your dedicated account manager at BankBound will work with you to develop stylish visuals for each of your social platforms. We understand the unique needs of community banks and credit unions, which is why our design team strives to create images that are:

  • Branded with your logo, official colors, fonts and messaging
  • ADA Compliant
  • Custom-made for each platform
  • Designed with high-quality stock photography

Need to refresh your profile images, banners, backgrounds, and more? We can help with that too. Our designers follow the ever-changing design standards to ensure that your branding is consistent across your entire social media footprint.

Analysis & Reporting

As with any aspect of digital marketing, a data-driven analysis of your social media marketing allows your bank to implement changes to your strategy to maximize results. BankBound specializes in providing you with reporting metrics for each of your social platforms to demonstrate how our efforts are impacting your social audience, user engagement, website traffic and goal conversions. Our reporting tools allow BankBound to provide detailed reports on each of your social platforms.

Your dedicated account manager synthesizes this information into an analysis, which is reviewed with your team on a monthly basis. This allows our team to collaborate with your marketing department to strategize about future post ideas, align your social media accounts with your larger marketing initiatives, and create a social calendar that is designed to foster engagement with your target audience.

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Whether you need help filling out your social media calendar or you want to take advantage of our suite of digital marketing strategies, BankBound is here to assist your community bank or credit union. We look forward to becoming a valuable asset to your marketing team. Contact a digital marketing strategist today to learn how we can help you grow your bank.

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