Pay Per Click Advertising for Financial Institutions

Want highly ­qualified website visitors, and want them now? Pay per click advertising (PPC) is for you!

What is PPC?

PPC is an online advertising strategy whereby advertisers pay a fee for each click on their respective ads.

What can you do with PPC?

PPC offers advertisers the ability to instantly reach extremely targeted traffic within search engine results, other websites, mobile apps, video, or social networks. PPC effectively gets your message in front of the right people, right away.

Why run in tandem with SEO?

PPC and SEO (search engine optimization) are best when combined together. Data from PPC ads is extremely useful for informing SEO strategy and content marketing campaigns. While SEO can bring in large volumes of visitors to the site, PPC can be used to selectively bring organic visitors back to the site who haven’t yet converted after qualifying themselves. From a search engine perspective, these two strategies combined also ensure the highest number of clicks to your website as many people refuse to click ads or conversely don’t realize they are clicking on competitor ads.

What role does your website play in PPC?

Driving visitors to your website with pay-per-click ads is only the first step. Your website plays a vital role in converting these new visitors into potential leads. Developing a bank website with landing pages that are designed to engage your visitors and guide them through the next step in the sales funnel is essential to convert these potential new customers. By designing each landing page on your site with conversion goals in mind, you will get greater results for your marketing dollars.

Why is it so effective for community banks?

PPC is so effective because of the vast amount of user data available online to advertisers. Ads can target users based on their location, which content they’ve viewed on your website, purchase history, job title, Google search query, and countless other targeting methods and custom combinations. Advertisers retain access to an enormous wealth of user data from any clicks on their advertisements, which can be used to refine targeting immediately.

How can PPC benefit your bank?

PPC ads can benefit your bank or credit union in a number of ways. Use PPC ads to make sure people who are searching for your bank by name actually arrive at your site instead of a competitor who is targeting your brand with ads. Bank ads can target new customers in search engines who are actively searching for relevant products or services. Conversely, banks can target competitor bank names with PPC ads and try to win customers from their competition. Banks can reach new customers who may not even be searching for a new bank by running relevant ads on websites your prospects spend time on. Banks can also use PPC to target existing customers to download or engage with your mobile banking app, cross selling opportunities, or make them aware of new branch openings and events.

What costs are involved?

With PPC, you will always pay a fee directly to the advertising platform (Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) for each click. You will not pay anything for ads that have not been clicked on, regardless of the number of impressions they receive. The second cost involved in PPC advertising is for management of your campaigns, which is a monthly investment with your ad agency.

Types of pay per click advertising:

Search Advertising

PPC text ads are currently available along the top and bottom of search results in Google. Other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo offer similar targeting. With search ads, you’re targeting people who are actively seeking a solution.

Display Advertising

With the Google Display Network or Bing Content Network advertisers can use text or image ads to reach customers as they are engaging content on other websites. With selective targeting based on user behavior or context, this method of PPC advertising can effectively extend the visibility of your brand with a much larger number of people.


Remarketing is a highly effective method of PPC whereby an advertiser shows ads to people who have previously visited their website and performed some combination of custom behaviors. Remarketing ads can also be used to target people by email address.

Social Advertising

Reach people where they spend the most time online; social media! Platforms like Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn offer unique targeting options for advertisers seeking to reach people as they browse their favorite social network.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile PPC can reach people on their cell phone or tablet with text, image, or app ads. If your bank has an app and wants to boost engagement or installs, PPC is an effective means of marketing your app.

Ready for Qualified Website Traffic?

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