Display Advertising For Financial Institutions

Reach new audiences by placing your advertisements within other websites.

What is Display Advertising?

With display advertising, pay per click ads are placed within other websites, videos, or mobile apps. Display ads can be images, text, or videos and essentially need to draw the attention of users away from what they’re already engaging with. Advertisers can place display ads in specific web properties or defer placement to an ad exchange (such as Google Display Network) to decide where ads are placed based on contextual, demographic, or behavioral targeting.

How Can Display Advertising Help Our Bank?

Display advertising is an excellent way to gain visibility with specific audiences that might not be actively searching for your products or services. Here are a few examples how banks can use display advertising:

  • Place ads on websites used for researching colleges, homes for sale, or new cars with ads for relevant loan products
  • Place ads on parenting websites about college savings products
  • Place ads on local news sites within the business sections for commercial products
  • Place ads on local event calendars, blogs, and news sites about your community events
  • Co-promote one of your business clients with display ads that direct users to a case study page on your website about your local business partnership
  • Place ads inside popular financial apps promoting your own tools
  • Place ads in YouTube for financial videos promoting relevant resources or products
  • Communicate a pending merger or acquisition across the most visited local websites
  • Promote your videos on related websites or increase views within YouTube
  • Place ads within Gmail targeting users based on the content of their inbox

Ready To Extend Your Bank’s Reach With Display?

Get your message in front of new audiences with smart Display Network placements and targeting. People in your community aren’t always actively looking for solutions to their financial problems and needs, but with Display Network you can quickly and effectively share what your bank has to offer. Contact us today to learn more about how display advertising can help your financial institution!

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