Social Media Advertising For Financial Institutions

The majority of your customers and prospects are investing in social media … is your bank?

Most Facebook users spend nearly an hour each day on Facebook. Other popular networks like Twitter and LinkedIn attract daily users to a lesser extent, but nevertheless command an enormous number of active users. If your bank or credit union is skipping out on investing resources in social media, you’re passing up an enormous opportunity to engage with an extremely attentive audience.


How Do Social PPC Ads Work?

With pay per click ads your financial institution can effectively engage with prospects or existing customers while growing your own social following. Most social networks offer various types of ad formats, including sidebar ads like you might see on a typical news website or native advertisements that are designed to look similar to content being published by other users. Regardless of the format, social networks offer an enormous depth of targeting options to advertisers including: household income, job title, interests, location, purchase history, parental status, age, gender, and much more.

How Can Social PPC Ads Help My Bank?

With so many targeting options available, banks can use a combination of demographic and contextual targeting to ensure content or special offers are presented to the most qualified individuals. Many social networks will allow you to upload customer email lists as well, providing you with an effective means of targeting existing customers or using “lookalike” targeting to find prospects that closely resemble your existing customer lists. Since social media pay per click ads offer users the ability to comment, like, and share your ads, a well crafted advertisement can often receive additional exposure at no additional cost! As users engage with your ads, you’ll also build up your social followers which gives you another means of staying connected in the future.

Here Are A Few Ways Banks And Credit Unions Can Use Social Ads:

  • Promote your mobile app to existing customers
  • Promote your community event
  • Grow your social following
  • Boost the visibility and participation of a contest
  • Promote your business customers
  • Promote informational content from your website or blog
  • Target new movers with a special offer
  • Promote products with users based on home ownership

Ready For Social Media PPC?

Social media advertisements are a fantastic way to engage with people on a more personal level within the communities you serve. The level of targeting options available to advertisers on networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ensure your bank or credit union is paying for the most highly qualified clicks, whether you’re promoting a local event, boosting engagement with an informational blog post, or generating commercial leads. The conversations are already happening; contact us to learn more about harnessing the power of social PPC for your bank!

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